Other Blogs By Me

A blog is like a magazine, in that if either of them fell out of a tree and onto you, it would kill you.

No, wait, that's how a moldy cow is like a pool table.

Let's try again: A blog is like a magazine: each of my blogs has a focus of one sort or another.  While I'm sure you love this blog, why not check out these other things I write?

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So Thinking The Lions is a blog about me, but not in the boring way that most blogs are about most people.  You'll get stories hilarious stories about my life and raising my kids and how my wife suspects that I would let a crocodile babysit my twins, you'll get insights into my job (or what it is I'm supposed to be doing when I'm doing the things I'm doing) you'll get photo essays and "Cool Stuff I Never Learned In School" and awesome things like the time I mummified a Twinkie and then ate it.  That was great...

Our opinions are righter than yours!  The Best Of Everything features essays and posts on pop culture, entertainment, science, reading, and more -- but posts like you've never seen.  The Best Simpson Sister.  The Best Number.  The Best Super Power.  If it can be the best it's on this blog.  Plus, there are recurring features like Star Wars ReferencesIs This Art? and THIS is a THING!?!.  It's hilarious and thought-provoking and always right.

Like horror stories?  So do I.  on AfterDark, I publish short horror stories -- complete and completely free, to either read online or download.  These aren't your average horror stories, either.  No vampires or werewolves.  You'll find cannibal women avoiding Hell by eating people, and men cursed (?) with the power to look like what other people want, and women in love with the ocean, and more.

In the future, everyone will listen to their octopus, and the fate of the 73 dimensions will rest on the slim, sexy shoulders of Rachel -- a woman who woke up one day to realize that she didn't know who or what she was, so she headed south until she fell in love, and that began her journey through Hell and back, literally, as she fends of amorous Valkyries who worship her like a goddess, travels to limbo, gets  kidnapped by little blue men, and deals with having a left hand that is pure evil.  It's an erotic horror sci-fi serialized drama that's like nothing you ever read, and better than pretty much everything you've ever read. 

The sports blog for people who love sports but hate sports blogs.  This blog is about sports the way Twinkies are about food, and if you understand that, you'll like this blog.  No stats, no discussions about whether a fourth-string receiver can help the Bengals.  Instead, you'll get posts on whether the Heisman Trophy matters at all (it doesn't), why teams don't go for 2 everytime, whether "activities" are sports, which players are "Bropunzels," and the patented, nothing-like-it-in-the world "Whodathunkit?!"  Plus, the Never-Fail System For Figuring out who'll win a playoff game!

A look at government, politics, and the important issues facing society with a twist of humor, a bit of irony, and a heaping helping of "not caring what you think about what I think." You'll find essays on major topics, updates on Bad Republicans, notes about how much money we spend on things that don't matter, and the crowd-pleasing "Government Works for Me."

If you have a family, or spend money, this blog might interest you.  See, during my day job, I'm a lawyer practicing family and consumer law.  So here you'll get authoritative news and information about updates in those areas, and thoughtful studies of cases affecting you.